Thundercats return to comics with EPIC update

The history of Thundercats went through a period of pause that left fans anxious and worried. For some time, no narrative was published, and the absence of these iconic heroes from the screen and page may have been a profound discomfort to fans of this universe.

However, it is important to highlight that this break in the Thundercats’ narrative will not be long. The Thundercats’ legacy is enduring, and the time of waiting is coming to an end. All this thanks to Warner Bros. and the Dynamite Comicswho made a recent announcement about the plot.

According to reports shared by the companies, our beloved “Thundercats” characters will make new appearances soon, that is, in 2024.

We can deduce that the owners of the rights to the franchise have exciting plans for the future, which promises to bring back all the action, magic and heroism that fans love so much. However, fans can also wait for changes to arrive.

Image: Dynamite Comics/Reproduction

More details about the new era of ‘Thundercats’

In a recent statement by Nick Barrucci, current CEO and editor of Dynamite, it is true to say that the Warner Bros. is very interested in propagating a new story involving these characters, with the true intention of attracting new fans to this narrative.

However, some changes are expected to occur in the history of these characters, such as building a more elaborate mythology for the franchise. That said, Barrucci also revealed that the first story in this new stage of “Thundercats” will focus on the way the world was at the beginning.

The Story of ‘Thundercats’

The history of the Thundercats in the comics is a fundamental part of the saga. The first comic book narrative was launched in 1985, by marvel comics. These comics expanded the universe of cosmic felines, deepening the mythology and bringing new adventures for fans.

The comic series captured the same energy and action that won over viewers in the animated version. Since then, the Thundercats have made several appearances in comics, maintaining their popularity and becoming a part of the world of comics.

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