Oscar doesn’t forgive and creates ironic video with the cast of ‘Barbie’; look

Just like every year, the Hollywood Academy released another funny video to promote the ceremony. Oscar. The butt of this year’s joke, however, was the Academy itself.

In a tone of self-criticism and with a lot of irony, the video criticizes the award voters who left out of the Best Director, Best Actress and Best Film categories the production that had the highest grossing of the year: ‘Barbie’.

Presenter Jimmy Kimmel appears in the images lost in Barbieland and on his way to the Oscars.

To make everything as believable as possible, the production featured strong participation, such as the narration provided by actress Helen Mirren, who also performs the same role in the film.

The script

Actress Margot Robbie as the character Barbie – Photo: Reproduction

To get to the Oscars, Kimmel receives help from Strange Barbie, played by comedian Kate McKinnon, this character who explains the path to the award.

Along the way, the presenter uses a special map with which he makes jokes with the names of several nominated films. And when he arrives at his destination, he has a self-esteem crisis that is resolved by the appearance of actress America Ferrera.

She, one of the nominees for the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in the film, adapts the character’s empowerment speech to the context experienced by the presenter and helps him improve his mood.

Finally, the actor Ryan Gosling, also nominated for his performance as the Ken doll, appears in the video saying that he will not win the award, but that everything is fine. Look:

Oscar nominations

The film ‘Barbie’ had eight nominations, but the absence in important categories, such as Best Actress for Margot Robbiedrew a lot of criticism on social media.

In addition to her, director Greta Gerwig, who was considered certain in the Best Director category, was left out of the award.

The case had such an impact that the Academy itself took advantage of the fact to make an ironic publicity video.

Among the nominated directors, there is only one woman. She is the French Justine Triet, responsible for the film ‘Anatomy of a Fall’. Never in the history of the Oscars have two women been nominated in the same year in the category.

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