‘Dragon Ball Super’: Gohan steals the show with powerful technique in new chapter

The universe of ‘Dragon Ball Super‘ is about to witness a twist of epic proportions, as the previews for the highly anticipated issue #99 have finally been revealed.

The first images released are breathtaking, showing Gohan in the midst of a masterful execution of his Beast transformation.

‘Dragon Ball Super’: new chapter shows Gohan’s powerful technique

In the illustrations led by Toyotaro, the protagonist of the time, Gohanappears using a mystical technique designed to stir up the fanbase.

This is the real reason for all the euphoria coming from fans: Goku’s son, a martial arts student, opts for a classic move, the Makankosappo.

This technique, taught by Piccolo, played a crucial role in the past, being the fatal blow that resulted in the defeat of Goku and Raditz at the beginning of ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

Although Piccolo maintained the use of this technique throughout Akira Toriyama’s adventures, Gohan also reproduced it in the Saiyan Saga and against Frieza, before opting for Kame Hame Ha on several later occasions.

Image: Dragon Ball Super #99/Reproduction

The surprising return of Makankosappo at the hands of Gohan is a highlight among fans, as the legendary technique resurfaces after a long period of absence.

This strategic choice by the character to perform this iconic technique promises to add an additional layer of intensity and nostalgia to the narrative of ‘Dragon Ball Super #99’.

Fans’ anticipation for the next edition reaches a high point, as the premiere date is set for today, November 20th.

This early revelation of Gohan and the resurrection of Makankosappo point to a chapter packed with emotion, suspense and potentially an impactful showdown that’s about to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Get ready for a burst of energy and excitement when ‘Dragon Ball Super #99’ finally arrives, promising a journey filled with nostalgia and surprises as Gohan takes the stage with his legendary technique.

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