Historic edition: 5 interesting facts about the 2024 Oscars

As we approach the eagerly awaited 96th edition of Oscar, scheduled for March 10 at the iconic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the spotlight is on the nominees and the curiosities surrounding this edition.

While we eagerly await the awards, here are some fun facts that make this year’s awards even more special.

1. ‘Anatomy of One Fall’ excluded from the race for Best International Film

Surprisingly, ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, a French feature film, did not receive a nomination in the Best International Film category, despite competing for the Best Film award.

The choice of the French representative fell on ‘The Flavor of Life’, directed by Tran Anh Hung, highlighting the complexity of the national selections for the international category.

2. Record number of women in the production of Best Film nominees

This edition marks a notable milestone, with three of the ten films nominated in the main category being directed by women.

Greta Gerwig, Celina Song and Justine Triet are the talented filmmakers behind ‘Barbie‘, ‘Past Lives’ and ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, respectively.

3. Robert De Niro sets historic records

The renowned actor Robert De Niro achieved impressive feats in this edition. Holding the record for the longest gap between the first and last nomination, totaling 49 years, De Niro also holds the title of actor with the most appearances in films nominated for the Best Film award, totaling 12, including notable collaborations with Martin Scorsese .

4. Newcomers in the category: 10 actors receive their first nomination

The 2024 edition of the Oscars marks the debut of 10 talented actors in the prestigious competition. Names like America Ferrera, Cillian MurphyEmily Blunt and others receive Academy recognition for their remarkable performances for the first time.

5. ‘Barbie’ receives 8 nominations, but surprises by leaving out Best Director and Best Actress

Despite its eight nominations, including the main category, ‘Barbie’ surprises by not having Greta Gerwig in the running for Best Director and Margot Robbie in the Best Actress category.

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The omission sparked discussions on social media, highlighting the diversity of opinions about the Academy’s choices.

With such intriguing curiosities, expectations for the 2024 Oscars only increase, promising a night full of emotions and surprises at the renowned world cinema ceremony.

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