Disney+ will soon launch new streaming channels focused on Star Wars and Marvel

end of disney freebox offer

We can’t stop the FAST service craze anymore. A quick reminder: FAST for Free Ad-Supported Television is a free-to-air broadcast model that constantly airs content like traditional television, paid for by ads. Recently, we have seen many entertainment players succumb to this new format, such as Google and its 800 free channels on Google TV or BFM and RMC in France.

On the traditional streaming side, Amazon has already made a comeback with its free Freevee offer. Therefore, we should expect other giants of the industry, who have been closely interested in advertising for a while, to follow the same path. However, there’s a good chance that Disney+ will be next on the list. As reported by The Information, the platform appears to be preparing to launch its own FAST offering.

Disney+ wants to launch free TV channels with ads

According to The Information, these new channels will be centered around the usual Disney+ universes, starting with Star Wars and Marvel. The second would broadcast TV series and movies from these licenses, interspersed with regular commercials and without the possibility of selecting the content to watch. If the proposal works, Disney will plan to expand the program to other universes, particularly animated classics and Pixar films.

On the other hand, the streaming platform will make a rather strange choice regarding its FAST service. The information explains that although this format is generally free, you will still need to have a subscription to access Disney+. In fact, it will definitely be harder for users to swallow having to see ads during their content. Disney has yet to confirm any of this information. Therefore, we do not know when this new service will be available.

Source : Information

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