This chip that sticks to the tooth will be able to remotely check your health

Silicon Labs markets new circuits for connected object manufacturers: the BB50 microcontroller and the xG27 SoC series. The latter is particularly interesting because of its peculiarity. extremely small format and Bluetooth connectivity.

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BG27 chip of the family xG27 measures only 2.3 x 2.6 mm. Riquiqui dimensions that allow you to place it really anywhere. The first connected accessory containing the SoC is such a small module thatcan stick to teeth. Like connected toilets that screen for cancers and infections through urine and feces, saliva analysis makes it possible to perform a health check on at least: 1000 criteria.

Silicon Labs chip will analyze your saliva against a thousand criteria

While progress in miniaturization is more impressive than ever, manufacturers of connected objects face a new challenge. As devices get smaller and smaller, where and how can energy be stored to guarantee sufficient autonomy? Lura Health, which manufactures this dental module, said, “The BG27 is great because it’s small enough that we can develop an IoT sensor smaller than a tooth and energy consumption is low enough that autonomy is no longer a constraint […] It has enough memory to store advanced firmware and has all the peripherals we need to interface with our sensors.”

This type of chip and controller should be increasingly common in the devices that equip our connected homes. Where Silicon Labs wants to establish itself is actually home automation and healthcare accessories. So, very soon, thanks to these chips, professionals will be able to remotely monitor their patients’ vital dataand respond to emergencies.

Source : Silicon Laboratories

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