Sony: smart watches will not be under Android Wear!

A real craze has developed around smartwatches lately. The operating system for connected watches is Android Wear, signed by Google, obviously not in vain. Although this operating system seems to appeal to large manufacturers, the Motorola Moto 360 smart watch will be equipped with this operating system, like the LG G Watch. Meanwhile, Sony has announced that it will no longer use Android Wear in its future smartwatches..

Sony was one of the first big players to take a close interest in smartwatches like Samsung and launch them. While LG will benefit from Android Wear, with Motorola, perhaps Samsung, and even HTC joining in, Sony has announced that it will protect its Android-based platform again. Sony Mobile America president Ravi Nookala said he has “already invested time and resources” into his platform and will continue to develop it.

The operating system that powers the Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2 still has a bright future ahead. However, Sony is by no means “limited”, The firm will continue to work closely with Google as it develops its own operating system. For the smart watches next to it. That’s why it’s not impossible to see a Sony smartwatch under Android Wear, but it certainly won’t be for a long time. Indeed, succumbing to Google’s smartwatch operating system would be at a disadvantage for Sony employees who have mobilized their resources for the Smartwatch SDK.

Anyway, Android Wear and the advent of new models could only benefit the smartwatch market, where Sony hopes to get its share of the pie. Users’ interest in smart watches is becoming increasingly important. Frankly, we hope that Sony will offer us something as attractive as the Motorola Moto 360., if not better. Share your impressions in the comments while you wait to learn more about Sony’s future smartwatch. Interested in smart watches? Is Sony right to do without Android Wear?


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