Pixel Watch: This New Google Watch Feature Could Save Your Life

Google announced that a long-awaited feature will be available to all Pixel Watch users today. This is fall detection that uses motion sensors and on-device machine learning to determine if a user has fallen hard. get him in touch with the emergency services if necessary.

This is not a revolutionary feature, because On Apple Watch since 2018 and already available since the launch of Apple Watch Series 4but it’s an important addition that can save your life from your watch.

If the user is conscious after the fall and thinks he is fine and does not need help, able to press a button i am doing well » If you’re injured and need help right away, you can also select “. I’ve fallen and I need help” However If you can’t touch the screen, the watch will do this for you automatically.

Pixel Watch drop detection

Users will see a promotional card on the “Updates” page of the Watch Companion app or in the Personal Safety app where they can enable fall detection.

Since Pixel Watches can now provide irregular heartbeat notifications, this isn’t the first time Google has introduced such useful features to its watch. Still, for many people we would have appreciated that all these basic options were integrated as soon as the watch was released late last year.

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