Obama and Merkel having fun with VR headset and Galaxy S7

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Yesterday, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel met at the Hannover Technology Fair as part of the American president’s visit to Europe. The purpose of this meeting: discussions about trade agreements.

And it was clear that both politicians were laughing a lot at this technology fair. Between two conversations Obama and Merkel put on VR headsets (advanced Google Cardboard) includes a Galaxy S7. They seemed to appreciate it as the photos taken showed both leaders smiling.

He seems most blown away by the tech, as Barack Obama said when he saw a virtual 3D representation of his hand:

This is a new world.

For his part, the German Chancellor nodded, overly excited. This Angela is a real dingo.

It should be said that virtual reality is gradually starting to democratize in the high-tech market. If Google wants to make the experience affordable with Carboard, other brands go even further.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are already on the market, and first impressions are encouraging, to say the least. Sony’s Playstation VR is therefore logically expected.

But these headsets are different from Samsung’s Cardboard or Gear VR. Second, it relies on a smartphone’s helmet integration for its operation. Others plug into a computer or console.

Either way, the VR headset market is poised to explode quickly. According to TrendForce, To exceed $70 billion by 2020. It’s not HTC China CEO who would say otherwise. According to him, VR headset sales will surpass smartphone sales in 4 years. Obama got it right “this is a new world” which is being built.

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