Linky: User consent is insufficient to collect so much data

CNIL has given official notice to EDF and Engie to better comply with GDPR in the way these players collect data via Linky smart meters. “Sensitive consumption data can reveal information about private life (wake and sleep times, periods of absence, possibly number of people in accommodation). That’s why it’s so important for customers to stay in control of their data.”points to CNIL in a press release.

According to the CNIL, collecting sensitive data such as the load curve can reveal identifiable behavior. The CNIL notes that if the energy code authorizes ErDF to collect daily data, the automatic and permanent collection of more sensitive data must necessarily undergo the express consent of the end user.

However, Cnil explains that he found it after inspections. “EDF and ENGIE on a global path to compliance” – without really yet. CNIL explains: “These two companies have appointed a data protection officer and keep track of their processing operations”.

Formal notice given to EDF and Engie to better respect consent

In addition, the CNIL “In particular, with regard to energy consumption data, data subjects retain all IT rights and Freedoms (access, objection, deletion, etc.) together “Methods for obtaining consent of individuals before collection of consumption data and defined retention period policies”.

However, CNIL finds shortcomings in these last two points: “CNIL has found that EDF and ENGIE companies are neither specific nor adequately informed regarding hourly or half-hourly consumption data, if indeed consent from their users”explains authority.

And to add this “While EDF and ENGIE companies have globally defined retention periods, CNIL checks in particular have revealed that these retention periods are sometimes too long for the purposes for which data is processed”.

EDF and Engie immediately reacted. EDF explains on Twitter: It undertakes to make the corrections requested by EDF. CNIL. Protecting our customers’ personal data is a priority. We only use them to offer the services they subscribe to. Under no circumstances do we transmit your data“.

Again, Engie explains on Twitter: “ENGIE respects the protection of personal data and the privacy of its customers. Consumer data collected with their consent is used for the services they subscribe to. ENGIE does not sell any customer data to third parties”.

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Source : CNIL

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