How much does Samsung Galaxy Ring cost? The first leak gives us an idea

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Has the price of Galaxy Ring been announced?

Leaker Yogesh Brar stated on Twitter that he knows the price of the (X) celebrity linked ring. According to him, it would be sold for around 35,000 rupees in India. After the transformation, This brings us to just under 390 euros.

Galaxy RingGalaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring is undoubtedly Samsung’s big innovation for this year 2024, the technological object on which the Korean firm will be banking, but still, price seems exaggerated for a linked ring. It is more expensive than, for example, the Galaxy Watch6, which is sold for just over 300 euros on the manufacturer’s official website. Let’s keep in mind that this is just a leak and the truth may be quite different when it is released. Yogesh Brar may actually be wrong on this point. We don’t yet know exactly when the Galaxy Ring will appear, or even when it will be released. The manufacturer promises that it will arrive only “this year”.

Samsung’s next big delivery date could be next July with the presentation of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, the brand’s two ultra-high-end folding terminals. On this occasion, It wouldn’t be impossible for him to give us more details about his linked ring.

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