Google may replace Google Glass with a mixed reality headset like HoloLens

Google hasn’t given up on the idea of ​​releasing connected glasses even though Google Glass failed a few years ago. Too intrusive, too expensive, not “useful” enough, Google sounded Glass’s death knell for the general public before re-launching it with a special edition for businesses. According to German blog WinFuture, Google is now going in another direction, closer to Microsoft and HoloLens’ approach. project Google codename A65 It focuses on a fully autonomous headset and a more immersive approach to mixed reality like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

No more Google Glass, make room for a HoloLens-style mixed reality headset

WinFuture explains that this helmet should put virtual information and content into the reality surrounding the wearer. The QSC603, a custom SoC made by Qualcomm, would allow it to run autonomously while saving enough power to run on battery power for several hours. Still, the German blog states that the project is still in its infancy, so it’s impossible to give more details about its whitepaper or functionality at the moment.

However, we do know that the QSC603 can play video in WQHD format, launch 3D overlays, and take advantage of OpenGL, OpenCL and Vulcan. The SoC also has “Gigabit” WiFi, Bluetooth 5.1 and GPS. However, the current version does not include a 4G or even a 5G modem. Do you think Google can be successful in this project that it failed with Google Glass? And under what conditions? Share your opinion in the comments to this article!

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