Google Chromecast: remove wipes, early models no longer have the right to update

Bad news for all owners of the first Chromecast in its name. Indeed, Google comes cautiously Remove software tracking from streaming devices introduced in 2013.

Information is marked in black on white. support website From the Mountain View company: “Chromecasts (1st generation) are no longer supported. As a result, these devices no longer receive software and security updates, and Google no longer provides technical support for them.”

Google drops updates on early Chromecasts

In addition, the manufacturer indicates that it will be required. We expect a gradual decline in performance. Presumably, the software pursuit of early Chromecasts ended in February 2023, The date each Chromecast model received a software update.

Of course, you will still be able to enjoy your first-generation Chromecast, but it is inevitable that over time, bugs and various performance issues will arise. Lack of fixes and patches distributed by Google.

Keep in mind that Google has already relaxed in recent years if software tracking for Chromecast (2013) is officially over. The device rightfully received its penultimate update in November 2022. It had been three years since the device received a patch.

Chromecast, one of Google’s great achievements

When it was released in 2013, the Chromecast quickly became a must-have for many users. At a time when smart connected TVs have yet to be democratized, this little device Stream video content from your tabletdirectly on your TV from your smartphone or laptop an HDMI port.

Sold at just $35, this accessory has proven itself as a profitable and inexpensive alternative to buying a smart TV. Since then, several generations of Chromecast have had success. In 2020, Google released the first Chromecast under Google TV. 4K at 60 FPS, It also has its own remote control.

The latest model to launch is none other than the Chromecast Google TV. Available since September 2022, this model incorporates almost all the features of the 4K version with the difference it allows. Watch content in Full HD only.

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