Google Assistant is still the best voice assistant, Siri is still behind

Annually, analytics firm Perficient Digital tests the main voice assistants available on the market: Alexa (on an Echo speaker and an Echo Show), Cortana, Google Assistant (on Android smartphone, Google Home Hub and Google Home) and Siri (on iPhone). During the test, the researchers 4,999 questions to smart assistants.

Google Assistant is the best smart assistant on the market ahead of Alexa, Cortana and Siri.

The decision is final: Google Assistant on Android remains the smartest assistant on the market. The assistant did indeed answer about 90% of the questions correctly. Just below is Google Assistant on Google Home with 85% correct answers, followed by Google Home Hub with 82%. In short, the assistant developed by Google once again dominates the ranking. This observation is shared by most studies on the subject.

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In the fourth position we find Alexa and Echo Show (about 80% of correct answers). Next comes Siri with a 70% score. Finally, we find Cortana with only 50% correct answers. Note that the voice assistant on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, and Mac scores just over 40% for “attempted answer”. These are situations where the wizard doesn’t know the answer to your question but still tries to provide information to help you.

As Perficient Digital points out, Siri stands out first of all with lots of wrong answers. This year, Siri gave close to 300 wrong answers. This is even more than previous tests. Siri gave almost three times more incorrect answers than Google Assistant. Siri’s accuracy dropped 12% between 2019 and 2018. According to a study by Loup Ventures, Siri is considered smarter than Amazon Alexa. Depending on testing protocols, results can obviously vary. Still, the dominance of Google Assistant has been confirmed in all the tests conducted in recent months.

siri worst voice assistant

Source : PerficientDigital

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