Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 are perfect for fighting obesity, this study proves it

For several years, smartwatch manufacturers have made sure to offer many health and sleep quality monitoring features. Galaxy Watch 4, for example, provides a complete body analysis by determining your BMI, bone density, muscle mass and even your body’s hydration level.

Galaxy Watch 5 has gone even further in monitoring sleep quality by integrating four different modes: wake, REM sleep, deep sleep and light sleep. Analyze the different stages of your sleep carefully.

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers extracted data from several Galaxy Watch 4 devices and compared them with results obtained in the lab by Louisiana State University, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and the University Cancer Center of Hawaii. According to the report, Clocks are 97-98% accurate on five key indicators of body composition:

  • proportion of fat-free body mass
  • transported oil rate
  • skeletal muscle mass index
  • current basal metabolic rate
  • amount of water in the body

In addition, the researchers offer some clues to draw conclusions. even more precise measurements With Galaxy Watch 4 or 5. It is especially recommended that you take the measurements regularly at the same time of the day, on an empty stomach and after using the toilet.

In addition, It is recommended that you take your measurements before doing activities that raise your body temperature. such as physical exercise or a hot shower. Finally, remove any metal objects (jewelry, smartphone, etc.) that are in contact with your body to further improve the measurements.

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