CES 2023: Samsung offers to configure Matter-compliant objects with a dedicated app for Galaxy

Adoption of the substance is accelerating. Electronic device manufacturers such as Amazon with the Echo series constantly announce the compatibility of their products. The standard that promises to revolutionize our use of linked objects. and our relationship with home automation.

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Matt Easy Pair serves the following purposes: further simplify the installation and configuration of connected household appliances. The program is intended to replace Samsung’s in-house pairing app “Nearby Device Scan”, which appears when a connected accessory, the Galaxy Watch, and other Galaxy Buds are nearby. It is out of the question to surprise users; The Matte protocol is designed to make life easier for users and enable them to adopt home automation effortlessly. Therefore, Matter Easy Pair uses exactly the same user interface as Nearby Device Scanning.

Samsung’s Matter Easy Pair feature will allow Matter compatible devices to be set up from a Galaxy smartphone

The South Korean electronics giant’s app is based on Google’s Fast Pair feature. Mountain View company announced in December 2022 that Nest and Google Home devices are compatible with the new connectivity standard. The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), the consortium responsible for the design and adoption of the new standard, brings together nearly 300 companies. Apple, Philips, Huawei, IKEA, Legrand, LG Electronics and Schneider Electric so many big names in home automation and appliances that should start flocking to the market from compatible products.

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Although only 200 compatible products are currently available, the economic interests are huge. Which manufacturer will succeed in becoming a reference in the field of home automation? Samsung took advantage of CES 2023 to launch its SmartThings station. Home automation control solution designed to work with Galaxy devices.

Source : SAMSUNG

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