Apple may compete with Galaxy Ring with its own connected ring


future connected objects self-sustain seems to target our fingers rather than our wrists. after his rise smart watchesWe may very well enter the period. tied rings. Such a device is far from new. We think thatOura Ring first name published 2015 The 4th repetition is expected to be held in 2024. However, this remains a niche market that is just starting to gain prominence. In this case, we had to wait for an important player to arrive. SAMSUNGThus, the public will be interested in “smart rings”.

The Korean company actually made the Galaxy Ring official at its conference last January. Very little information has been shared, but we expect it to be shared decisively. health oriented and in whichartificial intelligence should have an important role. The device, which is expected to be released towards the end of 2024, had to make the competition react. According to an internal source who spoke with the site’s teams. ET NewsThis Apple Who could take out their own connected ring to prevent Samsung from taking the lion’s share?

Apple-related ring to be released soon, according to a source

Apple has been steadily issuing smart ring-related patents for several years, so further developments towards commercialization appear imminent” says the report. In fact, we’ve been hearing about the Apple Ring since at least 2015. Over the years, the manufacturer has filed several patents: The Ring can remotely control devices, for example, but it probably won’t spy on your partner, as suggested in a tweet from 2022.

The source mentions a “soon” launch without giving a date. Even if Apple’s arrival in the connected ring market makes sense, it’s better to be cautious in the face of such enthusiasm. According to Business Research Insight, While it represents only 20 million dollars in 2023, it will represent 200 million dollars in 2031. It’s impossible to miss, especially if Samsung finally releases it.

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