Android Wear: It’s easy to find a smartphone with a smartwatch

Each of us has lost our phone somewhere, behind the sofa, by the toilet, or in your girlfriend’s purse…it’s always hard to find. Google is helping us with a new Android Wear feature: Find my phone. It’s easy to translate, it’s just the portable version of what’s available in Android Device Manager.

Of course, this news will only be of interest to connected watch owners or those who are considering buying a watch, but we must admit that it is quite practical. All you need is a simple “Ok Google, open Find My Phone” next to your watch and will directly ring your smartphoneotherwise you will be able to access the partition find my phone manually, at your choice.

The process is identical in all respects to the system found in the Android Device Manager, your smartphone will play at maximum volume even if you mute it, and that will be the case until you find it again. If you have the reflex to leave your phone somewhere using only the watch, you will never lose your phone again.

  • Have : Android Wear has iOS support in its source code

The Bluetooth connection connecting the two devices is still pretty short range, so you won’t be able to ring your phone when you’re in the country next door. kidding aside, Google said this feature will be available in the coming weeks. Well, not everyone has a watch connected, so here’s a tutorial for finding your phone and much more in case it gets lost.

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