How to Disable Text Selection and Copy/Paste on Your WordPress Website

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort, and hosting content online is not free. Little wonder, then, so much creators and other copyright holders take steps to protect their content from being stolen and reused elsewhere or misrepresented as someone else’s. While there is no way to completely protect all of your content, there is a way around it. make it harder for your visitors to copy your content. One of the things you can look at is to disable right click on your WordPress website. Another one that we will discuss now is to disable text selection and copy/paste command.

Disabling text selection won’t completely stop a determined, tech-savvy user who knows how to use the review tool to their advantage, but it gives them an extra hoop to jump through if they want to copy your content. Also, it won’t stop a determined, determined user from typing your text manually.

Should you disable text selection though? We will show you how to disable text selection and copy/paste on your website, but first let’s talk about the causes and causes of the problem.

Here is what we will discuss:

Why You Should Disable Text Selection On Your WordPress Website?

To copy text, you usually have to select it. So if you want to prevent your visitors from copying your textual content, you should disable text selection. This way, you do more difficult for them to claim authorship of your text or use it without permission. They can still type all your text manually, but this is an image that is more difficult and more time consuming than copying and pasting and changing the author name and line by line.

Copy protection can be when you protect your otherwise easily found posts from being misrepresented as someone else’s post, but what if you charge people to access your articles? you will want prevent a paying user from bypassing the paywall and making your content public, thus negating your income.

You may not even have text to begin with: you may be hosting other people’s content under a special license. If that’s the case, you have two reasons to avoid copying your hosted content: not only will you be denied legitimate profits, but you may also be liable for damages. It’s up to you to protect the content that others provide to you and protect it from theft.

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Why You Shouldn’t Disable Text Selection On Your WordPress Website

Conversely, your original content made to be freely distributed, you shouldn’t really be disabling the text selection. If you have wanted to share your content from the beginning, there is no point in denying the possibility of copying and saving your visitors to read at their leisure.

Some users may even choose to print or organize your content differently. If you run a DIY blog, you may have a place for your content printed and pinned to the wall of a visitor’s workshop for easy reference. If you run a cooking blog, some of your users may want to copy and paste your recipes into their recipe book, whether paper or digital. The same goes for guitar tabs and sheet music – playing an instrument is hard enough, you don’t even need to fiddle with an electronic one.

You can also host public domain contentmay be content whose copyright has expired, such as old literary texts, or content intended to be freely accessible without limitation, such as legal statutes. In this case, there is no point in restricting copying.

So with that in mind, if you still want to disable text selection, scroll down to our demonstration.

How to Disable Text Selection Using CSS

You can disable content selection by adding some additional CSS to your theme’s code. To do this, you need to access your theme customizer. You can go to it from the left side of your WordPress menu by clicking it. Appearance>Customize.

Customize Appearance

Then you need to click on the appropriate section on the left to add it. Additional CSS.

Customize Additional CSS

Finally, you need to add some code to your theme to prevent your visitors from selecting text on your website. Simply copy and paste the following lines:

-moz-user-select: none; 
-ms-user-select: none; 
-khtml-user-select: none; 
-webkit-user-select: none; 
-webkit-touch-callout: none; 
user-select: none; 
Added Additional CSS

Next, you need to click Publish Now, if you try to select text on your website, you will find that you cannot do it. And if they can’t select your text, your visitors won’t be able to easily copy it.

How to Disable Text Selection Using a Plugin

But maybe you don’t feel confident changing your website code. No problem, there is another solution: You can use a plugin to disable text selection. Our preferred plugin to use today is, WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click.

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After installing the plugin, you need to visit the plugin’s settings to configure it. you will find WP Content Copy Protection (Free) on the newly created link CP Add-ons The left side menu of your WordPress dashboard.

CP Add-ons

You will only have basic protection in the free version of this plugin, but even the free version will still prevent your visitors from selecting your text. We will leave all dropdowns at their default settings to enable selection protection, activatedfor single posts (meaning individual posts), home page and static page.

You can change the plugin icon from: Visible with Hidden, or leave it as is, as we have it. It only provides a shortcut to the plugin settings for administrators, which appears in the top bar.

Also, you may find that logged-in administrators can be excluded from this type of content protection. premium version your plugin.

Finally, we can customize the selection messages that the user sees when they try to select or print our content. We went for the election message Sorry, this content is protected. This is the message each of your visitors will see when they try to select text on your page. We went for the print preview message You are not allowed to preview this page. Of course, you can customize these messages to better match your website’s writing style. When you are satisfied, click save settings.

Plugin Settings

And now, if any of your visitors try to select the text on your website, they will get a warning message.

Warning message

They cannot select any of the content on your page, including text, which prevents them from copying and pasting.

As a result

As we show, there are two easy and free ways to protect your content from being copied, and both work for mouse drag selection and keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, and such that). Still, none of them offer complete protection – after all, no one can prevent someone from manually copying your text – but they do make it a bit more difficult. Unless a user specifically intends to steal your content, a warning message may be enough to discourage them.

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