How to Disable Comments on Your WordPress Website

If you are a WordPress admin, there are many different ways to control the appearance of your website, both on the front end and the back end. Just as you can choose which posts or pages you want to make private, You can also select specific pages or posts for which you don’t want comments to appear, or disable them entirely..

While commenting on your website is great for building a sense of community, there are some situations where you wouldn’t want it on your website. For example, if you have a WordPress website that only displays your About, Services, etc., and you don’t even have a blog, you won’t need to comment on your website at all. Alternatively, sometimes you may want to prevent certain posts from receiving unnecessary spam, in which case you may want to turn off commenting.

In every situation, It’s pretty easy to disable comments in WordPress. Here’s how to do it.

How to Disable Comments on Certain Posts in WordPress

if you want remove comments from individual postsall you have to do is open your post Posts > All Posts and uncheck “Allow comments” in the box Argument drop-down menu (located in the bottom corner) document Episode).

allow comments

Alternatively, you can also disable comments if you click on it. Quick edit button. Just below the Tags area on the right side of the screen, an “Allow comments” box will appear, which you need to uncheck.

Quick edit post
Quick allow comments

How to Disable Comments on Multiple Posts in WordPress

In addition to these, you can disable comments on multiple posts from All posts screen. Select all the posts whose comments you don’t want to view and click the Bulk Actions drop-down menu located in the upper left corner. Next, select To organise and click on To apply.

Disable Comments on Multiple Posts

The Comments dropdown will now appear (just below Ticket and Writer options) and you can choose “Not allow” in the drop-down menu. just don’t forget to hit update Press the button.

Select Don't Allow from the drop-down menu

Disable All Future Comments

if you want prevent future comments from being posted on your website, then all you have to do is Settings > Discussion and deselect the two checkboxes as we did in the picture:

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Disable All Future Comments

Unchecking the first box disables notifications from other blogs, while the second prevents people from posting comments on your new articles.

How to Delete All Comments in WordPress

Similarly, WordPress also allows you to delete all comments on your website. (this includes comments from all authors). To do this, go to: Comments section, select all comments found there, and then Move to trash from the option Collective actions Drop down menu. sure don’t forget to click To apply to save your changes

Deleting All Comments


That’s it – all the different ways to disable comments in WordPress. Whatever the reason you want to prevent comments from appearing on your website, you can be sure you can do it effectively with our simple guide.

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