Top 3 Ways to Turn Off Animations in Windows 11

Windows 11 brings some nice animations when you open a window or navigate the Start menu. However, some users may see this as a power-hungry element that negatively affects PC hardware. You can turn off animations completely in Windows 11 to make it faster and even save power on laptops.

Windows 11 offers a few different ways you can disable animations. We’ll discuss all of that and more in this article. So let’s get straight to the point.

1. Use the Settings App

Probably the easiest way to turn off animations in Windows 11 is in the Settings app. Read on to find out how.

Stage 1: Open the start menu and click the gear icon to open Settings. Alternatively, you can also press Windows key + I to quickly launch the Settings app.

Open Settings App

Step 2: Use the left pane to go to Accessibility and click on Visual effects on your right.

Accessibility Settings

Stage 3: Turn off the switch next to animation effects.

visual effects

2. Shut Down from Control Panel

If you’re old school like me and prefer to use the Control Panel to make changes to your PC, here’s how to turn off animations in Windows 11 via Control Panel.

Stage 1: Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog. In summer control.exe In the Open field and press Enter.

Open Control Panel

Step 2: In the Control Panel window that opens, change the view type to Large icons and go to the Ease of Access Center.

Control Panel Window

Stage 3: Under Explore all settings, click ‘Make the computer easier to see’.

Ease of Access Center

Step 4: Check the checkbox that says ‘Turn off all unnecessary animations (when available)’ to disable animations in Windows 11. Finally, click Apply and then OK.

Make the Computer Easy to See

3. Adjust Performance Options

Alongside the Settings applet and Control Panel, Windows 11 also offers a dedicated Performance Options menu that you can use to turn off animations and other visual effects. You can use this menu to customize your animation preference. Here’s how to access it.

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Stage 1: Open the start menu, type view advanced system settingsand press Enter.

View Advanced System Settings

Step 2: In the System Properties window that opens, switch to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button under Performance.

System features

Stage 3: In the Performance Options window, select ‘Adjust for best performance’ under the Visual Effects tab to disable all unnecessary visual effects. Doing so should make your Windows PC feel a little faster.

Performance options

Alternatively, you can select the Custom option to manually tick and uncheck the animation and visual effects boxes.

Bonus: Change Menu Animation Speed ​​in Windows 11

While the above methods only let you disable animations, you can speed up or slow down menu animations in Windows 11 by changing the registry editor.

Warning word. The Registry Editor is an integral part of the Windows operating system. Any changes made without knowledge may cause irreversible damage. So make sure you follow the steps precisely when making any changes and don’t forget to backup the Registry files first.

Other than that, here’s how to change menu animation speeds in Windows 11.

Stage 1: Press Windows key + R on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog.

Step 2: Medicine regedit In the Open field box and press Enter to open the Windows Registry.

Open Registry Editor

Stage 3: In the Registry Editor window, use the address bar to paste the following address:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

Step 4: Double-click the MenuShowDelay button on the right side of the window. Here you can enter a new delay value in milliseconds to define the menu animation speed in Windows 11.

Registry editor

By default the value is set to 400. You can set it to 200 or even 100 to reduce the animation time. Conversely, increasing the value will slow down the animation speed.

Edit String

After completing the above steps, restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Now go ahead and see if you can feel any difference when using the menus in Windows 11.

Speed ​​Up Your Windows 11

In the end, it all comes down to personal taste. As we just learned, Windows 11 gives us a few different ways to turn off animations that feel faster. However, if you can’t decide, feel free to make changes to the registry, play around with the animation speeds a bit. If you want to get the most out of multitasking, check out how to use multiple windows at once in Windows 11.

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