Top 3 Ways to Adjust Brightness on External Monitor in Windows 10

You can easily adjust the screen brightness of Windows 10 laptops or computers using the slider in the Action Center or the buttons on the keyboard. However, there is no setting to change its brightness when you connect an external monitor. So how to adjust the brightness of external monitors connected to a Windows 10 PC? You will find the answer here.

When you connect an external display, the normal way of controlling the brightness is either grayed out or does nothing for other monitors, whether it’s the second, third, or fourth monitors. This is where the following methods will help. These solutions will also come in handy if you are using a multi-monitor setup.

Let’s check out the three methods.

1. Use the Monitor’s Buttons

The first method involves taking the help of the button controls on your monitor to change the brightness. You can control different monitors in different ways. On some monitors, you will find a small joystick at the bottom of your monitor that can be used to access the menu and eventually control the brightness and other parameters. The on/off button also acts as a controller on certain monitors.

We recommend that you read your monitor’s user manual to learn how to access the customization menu. Use the next two methods if the monitor buttons are not working, you find it difficult to use, or the buttons are unavailable.

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2. Use the Night Light Feature

This method will use the Windows 10 Night light feature to adjust the screen brightness. This method works best if your Project mode is set to show the Second screen only. To change the project mode, open the Action Center and click the Project tile. Select Second screen only.

Here’s how to go about it:

Stage 1: Open Settings from the Start Menu on your computer. Alternatively, use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open Settings. Go to System.

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Step 2: Then click Display. Under Display settings, click Night light settings.

Windows 10 change brightness external monitor 1

Stage 3: Click the open now button. Then adjust the strength of the night light using the slider. You will notice the brightness change on the external monitor.

Windows 10 change brightness external monitor 2

If you don’t like the look of the screen, click the Turn off now button to disable the Night light.

Fly: You can also enable or disable the night light from the Action Center. Check 3 alternatives in case Windows 10 Night light not working.

3. Use Third-Party Apps

If the above methods do not suit your needs, third-party applications always come to the rescue. Two great apps – Dimmer and Monitorian let you control the brightness of your external monitors. Both are free and extremely easy to use.

Let’s check out the steps to use them.

How to Use the Dimmer App to Change the Brightness of External Monitors

The Dimmer application is a small portable application that allows you to adjust the brightness of all external monitors connected to your computer.

Stage 1: Install the Dimmer app on your Windows 10 PC. The app is not available in the Microsoft Store. So you will have to install it from the link given below.

step 2: Once installed, you will find the Dimmer app icon on the taskbar. Click on it to open the Dimmer application window. You’ll find the brightness slider for your monitors if it’s already on. Use them to control the brightness.

Windows 10 change brightness external monitor 3

Minimize the app to keep it running. Do not close the application. Otherwise the app will not work and the normal brightness will reappear.

Note: Screenshots you take while using the Dimmer app will appear slightly darker than normal screenshots.

Using Monitorian to Change the Brightness of External Monitors

The Monitorian app allows you to control the brightness of 4 monitors in the free version. Here’s how to use it.

Stage 1: Install the Monitorian app from the Microsoft Store.

You can also install the Monitorian app from GitHub.

Windows 10 change brightness external monitor 4

Step 2: Click the Monitorian app icon on the taskbar and adjust the brightness using the sliders.

Windows 10 change brightness external monitor 5

Fly: If the application is not detecting your monitor for the first time or if it is showing that DDC/CI is not supported or not enabled, you should enable it in your monitor settings.

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One of the great features of the Monitorian app is that it uses the same brightness for all connected monitors. Right-click the Monitorian app icon on the taskbar to enable the feature. Select Enable co-op. Click again to disable it.

Windows 10 change brightness external monitor 6

Manage External Monitors

Creating a multi-monitor setup can be difficult at times. But once you get used to it, everything falls into place. Check out great tips and tricks for managing and using multiple monitors in Windows 10.

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