How to Schedule Google Meet in Microsoft Outlook

Even though Microsoft is pushing Teams left and right, Google Meet remains the preferred choice for the majority out there. The video call service is available on every major operating system, and you can also set up a Google Meet meeting using Microsoft Outlook. Here’s how you can schedule Google Meet in Microsoft Outlook.

Google offers a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook to integrate with the software. We will use this and schedule Google Meet in Microsoft Outlook.

This trick can be useful for anyone dealing with Outlook on Windows or the web. You can effectively set up Google Meet without leaving the software. We’ll start with the Outlook web app first, and then move on to Outlook Windows. Lets start.

Microsoft Outlook Web

Outlook offers a capable web version. If you are trying to access Outlook from Mac or Chrome OS, the web version is more suitable. Outlook web is feature rich compared to Outlook desktop apps on Mac and Windows.

Follow the steps below to make the necessary changes in Outlook web.

Stage 1: Visit Outlook web.

Step 2: Sign in using your account credentials.

Stage 3: Click on the Calendar tab and go to Outlook Calendar.

Open outlook calendar on web

Step 4: Select the Create Event shortcut at the top and a custom menu will open to add event details.

Add new event

Step 5: Click the three-dot menu at the top and select Get Add-ons.

Get view plugins from the web

Step 6: It will open a custom plugin store. Search for Google Meet and install the add-in to your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Google Meet on the web add-on

Step 7: Click on the same three-dot menu at the top and you will see Google Meet appear. Select it and sign in using your Google ID and password.

Step 8: Add the name, date, time, and other details of your calendar event. When you click Google Meet > Add Meeting, it creates a Google Meet meeting and adds the relevant information to the notes tab.

Add google Meet to the view on the web

Hit Save at the top and you’re ready to use the Google Meet integration in Outlook. As we mentioned earlier, the Google Meet add-on is not limited to Google Workspace subscribers only. Anyone with a valid Google account can use Google Meet with Outlook calendar on desktop and web.

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Microsoft Outlook Windows App

You can’t just go to Microsoft Outlook and start scheduling Google Meet meetings. First you need to install the plugin. Follow the steps below.

Unlike Zoom, the Google Meet add-on can be used by Google Workspace and personal Google account users.

Stage 1: Open Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

Step 2: Go to the main menu.

Stage 3: Click on Browser Add-ons.

Browse view plugins

Step 4: It will open a custom plugin store.

Step 5: Search for Google Meet and add it to Microsoft Outlook.

Google Meet add-in in Outlook windows

Step 6: Close the window and go to the Calendar tab.

Step 7: Click the New Meeting button at the top.

Step 8: From the Add Meeting menu, click the three-dot menu and open Google Meet.

Add google meetup meeting with outlook

Step 9: Click on it and select Add meeting.

Google Meet will ask you to sign in with a username and password for first use. After successful authentication, you will see the meeting link and Google Meet join information in the notes.

Outlook pings you about the upcoming meeting in the calendar and you can use the notes to join the Google Meet meeting. The same functionality is also available in Outlook web. Let’s explore this.

About Outlook Mobile Apps

Unfortunately, you cannot create Google Meet meetings using the Outlook iOS and Android apps. The addon repository differs from platform to platform. That is, you won’t be able to take advantage of the same amount of add-ins as the Outlook mobile apps.

Outlook mobile apps support Zoom as an add-in. You can easily enable the Zoom plug-in from the Outlook Settings menu and create Zoom calls from the Outlook Calendar.

Use zoom with view

Understandably, Google Meet is also available in Google Calendar. If you prefer Google’s calendar service, you can easily create Google Meet meetings without installing add-ons. It’s a simple affair and offers the same integration with Microsoft’s Teams on Outlook Calendar.

Schedule Google Meet with Outlook

This trick is also available in Outlook for Mac. Microsoft is working on a single Outlook application on Windows and Mac. We hope to see the same functionality as the web version, including Outlook Fields and other features. How do you plan to use Google Meet with Outlook? Share your routine in the comments below.

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