Do you want to become a Taikonaut? These are the 3 steps needed to be a Chinese astronaut

With the Tiangong Space Station, which orbits the Earth at 340-450 kilometers altitude, and the country’s growing space ambitions, which include the Moon and Mars, China is looking for taikonauts (name given to their astronauts) to join this exciting journey through space.

But, after all, what does it take to become a Chinese taikonaut? That’s what you’ll discover now!

What do you need to become an astronaut in China?

Photo: gettyimagespro/CanvaPro/Reproduction

1. Undergo physical, mental and general assessments

To become a taikonaut, it is necessary to pass rigorous physical, mental and general assessments. Synergy between team members is also carefully evaluated. With around 43 criteria, including age, height, education and professional experience, the selection is extremely competitive.

Huang Weifen, deputy chief astronaut system designer for China’s manned space program, emphasizes the importance of experience, age, individual character, physical performance and mental health for those who want to be part of the team.

2. Speak Mandarin fluently

Mastering the Chinese language is a fundamental requirement, as Mandarin is the working language on the Chinese Space Station.

In addition to language, Chen Shanguang, deputy director of planning for China’s manned space program, also emphasizes the importance of knowing Chinese language. Chinese culture.

He believes that this knowledge facilitates cultural exchange between foreign and Chinese astronauts, enriching the experience in space.

3. Undergo intense physical training

Huang Weifen describes training to become a taikonaut as “unbearable.” With more than 120 clauses to select from, candidates face extreme challenges.

For example, during the Shenzhou-12 mission, taikonauts were submerged in water for four hours, wearing spacesuits that weighed more than 200 kilograms, to simulate the microgravity environment. This training is exhaustive and tests the candidates’ endurance.

Additionally, taikonauts must be able to withstand up to eight times the force of gravity of their own body. Weight body. This is known as the “8G criterion”. They also undergo extreme vibration training to adapt to launches and re-entry into the atmosphere.

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