WhatsApp: voice messages may disappear after being listened to

WhatsApp, one of the main and most popular applications messaging company in the world, introduced an innovative feature with the potential to transform the way we communicate: single-play voice messages.

The feature was launched in December and allows users to send voice recordings that can only be heard once by the recipient. The functionality will be gradually made available to everyone in the coming days.

The tool follows the privacy trend that Whatsapp has adopted in recent years, similar to the functionality that already exists for photos and videos since 2021.

Through single viewing, user privacy is greater as uploaded content cannot be shared or rebroadcast within the app.

How can I send one-time voice messages?

The procedure for sending an audio with this feature is easy. When recording a message, the user will see a single view icon (represented by the number 1) next to the message indicator. recording and the submit button.

To send the message this way, you must select that icon each time you want to use the function.

WhatsApp aims to improve people’s privacy and security with new feature – Image: Internet/Reproduction

Single-view voice messages, like all other WhatsApp communication tools, are protected by end-to-end encryption offered by the app.

This level of security ensures that only the sender and recipient have access to the content, offering an extra layer of privacy for your conversations.

What is the advantage of using single-play voice messages?

The new WhatsApp tool is ideal for sharing sensitive or temporary information, for which the sender prefers that the recording not be available after the first hearing.

It therefore becomes an extremely valuable and safe feature for conversations private areas where confidentiality is crucial.

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