URGENT iPhone update: learn how to install it and why it’s important

A Apple announced a crucial update for the iPhone 15, its latest smartphone, in response to reports of bugs related to virtual payments and automotive uses.

The technology giant took this measure after several BMW owners reported failures in near-field communication (NFC) features, such as Apple Pay, when charging their iPhone 15 wirelessly in their vehicles.

The issue also affected the virtual keys of the BMWrecognized by the German brand last month, and similar reports have emerged among Toyota Supra owners.

To address these issues, Apple released the 17.1.1 update, which addresses wireless charging glitches in some cars and a weather icon lock screen crash.

How to perform the update?

Installing the fix is ​​quite simple. Users can access their settings and select the “Software Update” tab while the phone is connected to a power source and WiFi.

The automatic updates option is also available to facilitate the process.

Image: Shutterstock/Ringo Chiu

These fixes highlight the importance of software updates for the enterprise.

The company has postponed the development of new updates until next year, prioritizing the resolution of code flaws in current devices, as reported by Bloomberg.

Additionally, the titanium iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models have faced criticism for uncomfortable overheating during use. A customer mentioned on an Apple forum that his device was “too hot to hold.”

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that this issue may be related to compromises in the thermal system design to reduce the phone’s weight, such as decreasing the heat dissipation area and using a titanium frame.

Apple, however, attributed the issue to software issues and app-related bugs, decoupling it from the device’s titanium structure.

In summary, the update 17.1.1 seeks to correct crucial issues in the performance of the iPhone 15, reinforcing the importance of keeping devices updated to guarantee a smooth experience for users.

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