Is it true that taking screenshots of profiles on WhatsApp is now prohibited? Understand the case

Gossip, this practice so common among us, often means that we find ourselves involved in other people’s lives. After all, who has never had fun or felt closer to someone when sharing something like that?

But, to our surprise, Meta, the company behind Whatsappdoes not seem to consider this exchange of information as favorable.

This is because, recently, information emerged that WhatsApp will test a new policy to prohibit the sharing of screenshots of users’ profile photos.

For aficionados of security, this news is a relief. After all, just imagine not having to worry about your photo being shared without your consent. A good one, right?

However, it’s important to note that for now, this is just a test and has not yet been applied to Android or iOS.

How will the new restriction work?

Say goodbye to gossip on WhatsApp – Image: Reproduction

According to information shared by WA Beta in its report, the operation of this feature would be simple: when taking a screenshot of someone’s profile, a message would appear informing that this action is not allowed.

Furthermore, the person’s profile photo in the screenshot would be protected by copyright privacy.

This measure aims to improve user privacy, as many may not want their profile to be shared inappropriately.

Furthermore, Meta’s initiative is also aimed at preventing cyberbullying. After all, we know how harmful this practice can be, right?

Cyberbullying and harassment

O cyberbullying and online harassment are serious problems that affect many people around the world.

The internet, despite being an incredible place to connect people and share ideas, can also be a hostile environment where cruelty is everywhere.

It is essential that online platforms act effectively to combat these harmful behaviors.

Actions such as implementing security measures, such as prohibiting the unauthorized sharing of personal information, are steps in the right direction.

After all, we all deserve to navigate the Internet without fear of being the target of cruel and unjustified attacks.

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