TIM signs partnership with Google: operator launches automated chat and instant customer support

TIM, one of the country’s main telecommunications operators, announced a pioneering collaboration with Google to enhance your experience customer service.

Recently, the company revealed a joint initiative with the most famous search engine, which promises to transform the way customers interact with its services.

The partnership introduced a fresh approach through Google Business Messages (GBM), opening up new possibilities in the field of customer service.

How does the service work?

Through the Google Business Messages platform, it is now possible for users to obtain support directly from TIM’s search results. This new channel offers a chat automated system that handles queries related to the operator’s services.

Access to this service only requires validation of customer registration information, using their telephone number. Once this step is completed, a virtual assistant enters the scene, ready to assist with various issues. Check out a simulation below.

Image: Jeff/Reproduction

A notable feature is the option to escalate the conversation to a human agent if the virtual assistance cannot solve the problem. This ensures that even the most complex queries can be handled properly and efficiently.

Among the services offered through this chat are the issuance of duplicate bills and invoices, the recharge of prepaid plans via Pix, bank slip or credit card, as well as the exploration of offers for mobile devices and plans.

However, TIM clarified that GBM does not intend to replace traditional support methods, such as telephone support, WhatsApp and the “Meu TIM” application. Instead, the initiative aims to expand support options by leveraging integration with widely used tools such as Google Search and Google Maps.

Initial feedback already indicates the great effectiveness of this channel, with approximately 60% of demands being resolved directly through automated chat. Furthermore, users have praised this new form of interaction, demonstrating satisfaction with the quality of service.

Certainly the partnership between TIM and Google through GBM opens new perspectives for the customer service sector.

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