The Sphere, the largest LED sphere in the world, opens with a U2 show in Las Vegas

Last Friday, September 29th, the city of Las Vegas it was the scene of an event that made history: the inauguration of the surprising The Sphere, a futuristic sphere that stole the show and left everyone in awe. The long-awaited moment was crowned with an electrifying show by U2, and the result was a spectacular fusion of architecture and technology with an estimated cost of more than R$11 billion.

The Sphere opens with performance by U2

The sphere goes beyond the definition of a simple building and actually represents a true technological revolution. Around its external structure is an LED panel considered the largest in the world, which covers the entire sphere. What was already impressive before the opening turned out to be even more incredible inside.

Image: Ethan Miller/AFP/Reproduction

Once inside, it’s easy to fool yourself into believing you’re still outside due to the technology cutting edge used. The entire interior space is surrounded by an LED screen that can create surprising, interactive and sometimes even psychedelic images. The lines between reality and illusion become virtually indistinguishable in this breathtaking futuristic setting.

U2’s performance, which marked the first event held in this monumental arena, provided a truly unique two-hour experience. The Sphere can accommodate up to 17,600 people per seat or 20,000 standing, providing a spectacular setting for live performances.

The brilliant mind behind this architectural marvel is James Dolan, billionaire and director of Madison Square Garden and owner of the New York Knicks and Rangers sports teams. The inauguration was attended by a star-studded audience, including Oprah, Paul McCartney, LeBron James, Matt Damon, Aaron Paul, among others.

The statistics of ball They are impressive: measuring 111.5 meters in height and 157.2 meters in width, decorated with no less than 1.2 million LED lights compared to hockey pucks, the largest of their kind in the world. These LEDs are expertly programmed to create interactive images on a monumental scale, providing viewers with a truly unique visual experience.

The opening of The Sphere marks an important event at the intersection between architecture and technology, offering audiences an exciting glimpse into the future of entertainment and innovation. This Las Vegas icon promises to continue to thrill and captivate visitors from around the world, setting a new standard for the fusion of art, architecture and technology.

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