Thanos invades Telegram: new update transforms your deleted messages

Users of Telegram now have a new feature: the ability to delete messages with an epic vaporization effect, called the ‘Thanos Effect’.

The latest update to the messaging app, launched on Sunday (31), brings this new feature, inspired by the film “Avengers: Endgame”, where the villain Thanos uses the Infinity Stones to eliminate half of the life in the universe.

When you delete a message, it will disappear from the screen with a visual vaporization effect, providing a fun and dynamic experience when interacting with the application.

This effect is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be activated in settings, under “Privacy and security” > “Self-destructive messages”.

Improved, more efficient calls

In addition to the “Thanos Effect”, the update brings substantial improvements to voice and video calls.

With a completely redesigned interface, calls now offer a more colorful, lively and adaptive call status experience.

Messages will disappear with the ‘Thanos Effect’ – Image: Telegram/Reproduction

The new, more resource-efficient interface optimizes performance, saves battery, and works better on older devices.

Bot Platform: more powerful and interactive

Telegram’s bot platform has received a significant update, offering developers an expanded range of features to customize bots and make them more interactive.

Now, the bots they can react to messages, manage reactions, quote and provide links, respond to other chats or topics and offer information about sweepstakes and boosts.

These additions enhance the usefulness and power of bots on Telegram.

Other notable additions

In addition, the update brings a series of other new features, such as similar channels, improved features for stories and support for various programming languages ​​and code blocks.

Telegram, known for its breadth of features and privacy options, continues to evolve with this update, becoming even more attractive to its users.

With this new range of features, the platform promises a more dynamic and interactive user experience for all its millions of users. around the world.

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