Submarine breaks cable at sea and Northeast and Southeast regions are left without connection this week

A partial rupture in a submarine cable Internet left a significant part of Brazil disconnected, causing concerns regarding essential services such as education, health, transport and the financial sector.

The states in the Northeast and Southeast regions were the most affected by the failure, experiencing internet slowdowns, connection failures and even service interruptions.

Submarine cables play a crucial role in global communications infrastructure, providing high-quality, stable connections for businesses and citizens. Therefore, any issue with these cables could have a significant impact across multiple industries.

Damage caused by the accident

The company responsible for the submarine cable, Ciron, issued an official statement about the incident. The company said:

“We detected an incident that affected the integrity of the cable submarine which connects the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Brazil).”

They further emphasized their commitment to the reliability of network and communications services and stated that they are working diligently to minimize the impact to affected customers.

Image: RTP/ARQ/Reproduction

To address the situation, Ciron’s technical team has activated contingency routes to keep services as stable as possible while the damaged cable is being repaired.

The company also spoke to customers who may be affected by the situation and stated that all necessary measures are being taken to speed up the repair process.

However, there is still no exact forecast for the complete recovery of services. Ciron has promised to provide additional updates as more information becomes available.

Meanwhile, on social media, many internet users are expressing their frustration with the situation. Internet slowdowns and outages have affected businesses, online education and even healthcare services that rely on internet. connectivity.

This situation highlights the critical importance of communications infrastructure and the vulnerability we all face when outages occur.

Ciron repair teams are expected to work quickly to restore connectivity and further minimize impacts to essential sectors that rely on the internet.

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