Study suggests that seafood is the secret to longevity; understand

Astaxanthin, a substance present in abundance in seafood, has been the subject of scientific studies that reveal its incredible ability to increase life expectancy and improve health. health.

In this context, recent discoveries about the substance have been made and reveal how it is possible to incorporate astaxanthin into your diet to reap benefits.

Increase your life expectancy with astaxanthin

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Astaxanthin is a very good antioxidant, being produced by Marine animals and known for its anti-aging properties. Studies have revealed that this substance has the power to prolong the life of organisms, providing an increase of up to 20% in life expectancy in certain cases.

Furthermore, it activates the FOXO3 gene, associated with longevity, and regulates autophagy, a cellular process that protects cells and contributes to a longer and healthier life.

The natural sources to find it

If you’re wondering where to find astaxanthin, the answer is: in seafood. Among the best sources of this antioxidant are a specific form of microalgae, marine krill, shrimp and crayfish.

This microalgae is the most potent natural source of astaxanthin, surpassing even fish in terms of concentration. Additionally, krill oil, found throughout the oceans, is an excellent option for incorporating astaxanthin into your diet. diet.

Health benefits

Astaxanthin is not just an ally in the search for longevity; it offers a variety of health benefits. Studies have shown that this substance has anti-cancer activities, anti aging and the ability to repair the central nervous system.

Therefore, by adding this substance to your diet, you can not only increase your life expectancy, but also strengthen your health as a whole!

So, consider incorporating these astaxanthin-rich foods into your diet and enjoy the benefits they can provide. Your health and longevity thank you!

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