Street View: Google owes Brazilian victim R$15,000 in compensation

O Google Street View is an incredibly useful and popular tool that allows users to virtually explore different locations around the world. However, its intrusive nature also raises ethical questions regarding people’s privacy, especially when it comes to the display of unauthorized faces.

The function of Google Street View is to capture panoramic images of streets and roads around the world, including the facades of houses and buildings.

Image: AFP/Stringer/Getty Images

To protect people’s privacy, the Google undertakes to automatically cover or blur faces and license plates before publishing images on the platform. This is done to ensure that individuals are not identified without their consent.

Face uncovered

Unfortunately, as in the recent case of a 61-year-old woman in the capital of São Paulo, failures can occur in this process. When the Google Street View car passed in front of the house where she worked, her face ended up being visible through a window. Google’s failure to blur her face resulted in a serious violation of her privacy.

The lady, upon realizing that her face was exposed on the Google Street View platform, decided to take legal action to protect her privacy. She had every right to do so, as the use of her image without her consent is a clear violation of her privacy and personal rights.

The outcome of this case was Google’s conviction, by the TJ-SP, to pay R$15,000 in moral damages to the elderly woman. This decision reflects the seriousness of the situation and the importance of protecting people’s privacy, even in the virtual environment.

Privacy is priority

Privacy is a fundamental right, and technology companies like Google have a responsibility to ensure it is respected. This case serves as an important reminder that advanced technology must not compromise individual rights to privacy.

Companies like Google must continue to improve their data protection systems privacy and ensure that people’s faces and personal information are appropriately obscured or protected.

In summary, Google Street View is a useful tool, but it must be used responsibly to protect people’s privacy. Cases like that of the 61-year-old woman highlight the importance of strictly complying with privacy regulations and the legal consequences that can result from negligence in this regard.

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