Strategy allows you to discover online users on WhatsApp

For informal conversations between friends, business negotiations and even professional issues, WhatsApp has become the most used communication tool in the world. worldmeeting the population’s countless needs.

The application is free and compatible with mobile devices and computers, which has significantly increased its popularity, making it practically indispensable in Brazilians’ routines.

However, the app’s ease of access and use has raised questions about the privacy of users, leading many to look for ways to remain “invisible” on WhatsApp to avoid unwanted interactions.

How does privacy work on WhatsApp?

In addition to sending text messages, WhatsApp allows users to share photos, videos and documents – Photo: Reproduction/WhatsApp

Unlike other social platforms owned by Meta, such as Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp takes a more discreet approach to users’ online availability.

The only direct way to know if someone is active on application It is through the “Online” tag that appears below the contact’s name during a conversation.

This simple approach may seem limiting for those who want to check a specific person’s availability without starting a conversation.

Furthermore, the display of this status may be influenced by connection instabilities or privacy settings selected by the user.

Reasons that make it impossible to view online status

According to the application, there are several reasons that may prevent a user’s online status from being viewed, including:

  • The absence of previous interactions;

  • If your number is not saved on the other person’s device;

  • If you have been blocked by her.

WhatsApp also highlights that, even when adjusting the settings privacy policy, other people can see when you are typing a message in the conversation.

Identifying online presence

Know exactly when your friends and family are available to chat – Photo: Reproduction/iPhone Blog

For users who want to monitor their contacts’ online activity more actively, there are additional tools, especially useful for those who use WhatsApp Web.

One of them is the WA Web Plus extension for Whatsappavailable for Google Chrome and other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge.

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After installing the extension and accessing WhatsApp Web, users can activate notifications to know when specific contacts are online, it’s an easy way to stay informed about the availability of friends or co-workers.


It is essential to highlight that, although such features provide convenience, they also raise concerns regarding online privacy and security.

Meta, the company responsible for WhatsApp, warns of the dangers of using third-party applications or unauthorized browser extensions.

Associated risks include the possibility of being banned from the platform and vulnerabilities in the security of personal data.

Therefore, although the curiosity to know if someone is available is understandable, it is crucial to weigh the benefits against the possible risks and respect the rules for safe and responsible use of technology.