Spotify elevates the music experience with a revolutionary feature; check out everything about the news

Music has the power to bring people together, and the Spotify is taking that connection to a new level with the launch of the Jam feature.

Now, you can listen to music in groups and in real time, with friends, no matter where they are. This exciting addition to the popular audio streaming service is redefining the way we share our passion for music.

Jam: Spotify’s music revolution

Jam is Spotify’s new feature that allows friends to enjoy music simultaneously, even if they are on different devices and separated by physical distances. This innovation turns every listening session into a shared and memorable experience.

Discover some of Jam’s incredible features below:

  • Shared queue control: Now, you and your friends can collaborate on creating the perfect playlist. Add your favorite songs to the queue and see who chose which track. It’s a true musical party in which everyone has a say.

  • Personalized recommendations: Spotify has always been known for its incredible music recommendations. With Jam, you and your friends will receive personalized suggestions based on the songs you’re listening to. Discover new tracks that could become everyone’s favorites.

  • Identify who added the song: curious to know who included that music amazing on the list? Jam makes this easy. You’ll be able to see who contributed to each track, adding an extra layer of social interaction.

Access for everyone

The best part is that Jam is not exclusive to premium users. Even those who use the free version of Spotify can participate in this incredible musical experience. Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. select one playlist or music you want to share;
  2. tap the “Start a Jam” button or the speaker icon;
  3. spread the fun! You can use your phone or your speaker to share the sound with everyone around you;
  4. To invite friends, activate Bluetooth, scan the QR Code or share a link.

Controls in your hands

The session host has complete control over the musical experience. You can determine who participates in the Jam, rearrange the track order, or remove a song that doesn’t fit the mood. Additionally, you can enable guest controls, allowing everyone in the session to contribute to the experience.

Spotify is redefining the way we share our favorite music and create musical memories with friends. With Jam, music has never been so social and engaging.

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So, gather your friends, create a Jam and let music unite you all, no matter where you are in the world. world.