Smallest PC in the world? Youtuber uses mouse to create an incredible accessory

O computer and the consequent invention of the internet were major milestones for human development, and from this point onwards we have never stopped moving forward.

With each passing year, new models are released, bringing impressive updates and unique tools.

Have you ever imagined being able to take your online games or worksheets anywhere, without running the risk of being stolen?

Today there are several portable notebooks, but none are as discreet as the miniPC that we are going to discover below.

Youtuber creates miniPC with exclusive mouse

Detailed object construction process from the beginning – Video: YouTube/Reproduction

One youtuber called ‘Electo’, a well-known enthusiast of modifications to small electronic items, accomplished a simply unbelievable feat.

He integrated a PC and a screen inside a mouse, allowing the item to be transported more easily anywhere, without arousing suspicion.

The feat was completed in September last year, but it took several attempts before he was successful in this endeavor.

The current model is 100% functional, despite the creator himself stating that it is still a little big.

In the twelve-minute video, we can see the entire construction process of the device, even the flaws are shown, like when the young man tried to imbue an internal NUC miniPC and a mini keyboard integrated into a giant mouse.

This first attempt was unsuccessful, causing complete and premature damage to one of the devices used, however, the final design was very close.

So, despite its appearance not being the most sophisticated, ‘Electo’ managed to build something that really works.

The result turned out to be as small as a Mouse conventional, but demonstrated a satisfactory period of operation.

During the testing phase, the digital influencer tested games like Fortnite and Minecraft, which ran at a painful 20 FPS, a very difficult performance. Despite this detail, the fact that the construct worked is already quite satisfactory.

Fans speculate that he may even make updates to improve his invention in the future, and perhaps famous brands will follow suit and invest in similar technologies.

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