SHOCKING TikTok Trend Challenges Ethics; understand new controversy

An alarming viral trend in TikTok has generated debates and ethical concerns on social media. The case involves filming people in desolate situations, mainly homeless people, especially during overdose episodes.

Experts call this practice “poverty porn,” a particularly shocking phenomenon gaining ground on social media platforms.

Shocking footage sparks controversial debates

O film The latest to raise concerns was shared on TikTok and other networks, showing Michael Manitoba suffering an overdose.

The production sparked heated discussions about the ethical limits of exposing such delicate situations.

Taking advantage of people’s vulnerability has become engagement on social media – Image: Dreamstime/Reproduction

The trend originates from an opioid crisis, widely present in several regions of North America.

Us U.Salarming records point to more than 100,000 overdose deaths in 2021, of which 80% are related to opioids.

The city of San Francisco, California, is facing a growing crisis, with a 41% increase in deaths, equivalent to one person losing their life every 10 hours.

Experts warn of a significant increase in drug users among homeless people, going from 25% to an impressive 80% in recent years.

The practice of “poverty porn” presents risks and ethical dilemmasinvolving the exposure of vulnerable individuals without permission, as reported in the case of Michael Manitoba, filmed in Canada.

The term “poverty pornography” derives from “poverty tourism”, which involves filming places and people in difficult situations to gain satisfaction or social engagement.

Experts emphasize that this practice does not offer solutions, it only amplifies stigma and suffering.

While some creators claim their intention is to warn about the dangers of drugs, experts and activists argue that this approach is harmful and inhumane.

Filming that exposes people in a vulnerable state, instead of generating awareness, can intensify stigma and disrespect.

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