Save now! 7 appliances that are secretly increasing your electricity bill

At the Brazil, the search for energy savings has become a recurring concern among citizens. Amid growing discussions about sustainability and resource conservation, many Brazilians are waking up to the importance of reducing energy consumption in their homes.

The good news is that this awareness is not only possible, but also highly achievable, resulting in benefits for both the environment and individuals’ wallets.

However, as we strive to turn off unnecessary lights, adjust thermostats, and adopt more efficient appliances, we often overlook a significant source of energy waste: devices on standby.

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Standby: the silent villain of your electricity bill

These silent killers of consumption Energy sources can be found in our homes in the form of televisions, computers, video game consoles and other electronic devices that remain plugged in even after being turned off.

Although they may seem harmless when they are in standby mode, they continue to consume a considerable level of energy even when they are not in active use.

Standby devices consume power for a variety of reasons, often related to their internal functioning and readiness for immediate use.

In other words, they continue to maintain operational functions to respond quickly to remote commands or restart faster, which demands energy even when idle.

Some devices monitor incoming signals such as remote control commands, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for instant activation.

Other standby devices can be connected to the internet to receive automatic software updates, keeping the connection active and consuming energy.

Avoid high bills by paying attention to these 7 devices

So, what can you do to reduce this cost on your electricity bill? That’s what we’re going to teach you in the following topics. Check out which appliances you can unplug whenever you’re not using them to avoid a higher bill at home:

    1. Televisions

    Even on standby, TV sets consume energy to keep resources such as remote controls ready for use and also the LEDs that indicate power connectivity.

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    2. Computers

    Computers in standby mode still need to keep some functions active, resulting in continuous energy consumption.

    3. Video game consoles

    Modern consoles often remain on standby for automatic downloads and updates, which consumes power over time.

      4. Chargers from other devices

      Chargers for mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops, can also consume power when plugged in, even without a device being charged. And the bill can get even more expensive if we are talking about wireless chargers.

        5. Entertainment Devices

        Entertainment equipment such as sound systems and media players often remain on standby to respond to remote commands.

          6. Kitchen Appliances

          Microwaves and coffee makers with digital clocks and programmable functions consume energy while waiting for instructions.

            7. Printers

            Printers in standby they remain ready to receive commands, which keeps them in a state of energy consumption.

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