Samsung reveals the future: discover the Galaxy Ring, its innovative smart ring

This Monday (26), the Samsung surprised the world by revealing the first official image of the Galaxy Ring, its latest launch aimed at the health and well-being area.

After a spoiler during the launch event for the Galaxy S24 line in January, the company brought more details about the smart ring at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​highlighting its innovative capabilities.

Innovation in health and well-being

O Galaxy Ringwhich is scheduled to be launched in 2024, appears as a revolutionary promise in personal health monitoring.

Samsung, during MWC, confirmed that the ring will be able to track the user’s sleep, heartbeat and breathing, approaching the functionalities present in smartwatches.

According to Samsung’s vice president of digital health, Dr. Hon Pak, while the company did not detail the specific sensors used, the Galaxy Ring will provide users with a new way to simplify everyday wellness.

This is because the device will provide comprehensive data for a better understanding of health day and night.

There is no confirmed launch date for the Galaxy Ring – Image: Samsung/Reproduction

My Vitality Score and highlighted autonomy

One of the new features announced is the launch of My Vitality Score, which will be available in the Samsung Health app. This tool will bring together data collected by the ring to offer even more personalized health guidance to users.

Furthermore, the autonomy of the Galaxy Ring stands out, reaching an impressive nine days of use!

According to the Financial News agency, this long duration is due to the absence of a display, which generally consumes more energy in similar devices, such as smart watches.

Despite the innovations, Samsung reported that the Galaxy Ring will not be able to make voice calls, as it does not have a microphone or speaker.

Samsung director TM Roh highlighted that the absence of these features contributes to the device’s energy efficiency.

The official price of the Galaxy Ring has not yet been announced, but expectations are high for this launch, which promises to raise the bar in personal health monitoring.

With its advanced capabilities and Samsung’s commitment to delivering innovation, the Galaxy Ring becomes a sure bet for gaming enthusiasts. technology interested in taking care of their health in an intelligent and personalized way.

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