Samsung launches ‘Repara Contigo’ program in Brazil for cell phone repairs at home

A Samsung introduced the “Repara Contigo” program to the Brazilian market, which enables users to carry out minor repairs on their Samsung cell phones at home.

This initiative aims to extend the useful life of the brand’s devices, while also providing savings on maintenance costs for replacing simple components.

With its self-repair program in Brazil, the company will allow consumers to purchase original parts to exchange components in their Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 devices.

Photo: Kiosked/Samsung/Reproduction

This program goes beyond simply selling parts, including informative videos that guide users through each step of the repair process. Parts available for replacement include the screen, back cover and USB-C port.

The repair kits offered by Samsung include not only the necessary parts but also the essential tools to carry out the repair properly.

This approach aims to make the process more accessible and safe for users. To date, repair kits and tools are available exclusively for the Galaxy S20, S21, and S22 models.

Costs and benefits of the ‘Repara Contigo’ program

Samsung’s “Repair With You” initiative has the potential to offer significant savings to Galaxy device owners. For example, replacing the screen of a Galaxy S22 Ultra costs R$1,538.15, while that of the base S20 model costs R$1,345.05.

Additionally, it is possible to purchase a sealing tape for just R$30.55 to ensure that the device maintains its protection against water and dust after repair.

International context and the impact of the European Union

The trend of making mobile device repairs easier at home is gaining momentum in several countries.

The pressure of European Union played a fundamental role in this movement, resulting, for example, in the adoption of the USB-C standard by Apple devices as well. The rule came into force in March this year, leading some brands to anticipate the changes.

The program in Brazil

Samsung is at the forefront of this movement in Brazil. Since 2022, some of the brand’s models have made it easier to replace parts, and now the “Repara Contigo” program is available to Brazilian consumers.

In addition to the benefits for Samsung device owners, the program includes an additional component, aimed at “independent repairers”.

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These professionals have the opportunity to access original parts and qualified information to carry out repairs on the brand’s cell phones, televisions and household appliances.

Samsung’s “Repara Contigo” program represents a significant step towards sustainability and savings for smartphone owners galaxy in Brazil.

By enabling users to perform simple repairs at home, Samsung aims to extend the life of its devices and reduce maintenance costs.

Furthermore, this initiative reflects the global trend of facilitating self-repair and meeting consumer demands for greater accessibility and sustainability in their electronic products.