Research reveals the favorite social network of teenagers in the USA: and it is NOT Instagram

Teenagers, with their intriguing quirks, maintain one constant: the cell phone always at hand. And where do they spend most of that time? A Pew Research Center survey responded.

Surprisingly, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram appear almost tied, leaving behind giants like Facebook, with just 33% preference, and the old Twitter, with a modest 20%.

The notable decline is for Facebook, which held the preference of 70% of young people in 2014, now reduced to 33% in 2023.

The data, collected between September 26 and October 23, reflects rapidly changing preferences among teenagers.

The research also shows that tastes between generations tend to change over time, as well as current trends.

See below the winning social network for access in the USA (in red), the other classifications and percentages.

Graph shows usage rates for each social network – Image: Pew Research Center/Reproduction

YouTube’s influence on professional choices

Other study Remitly, in partnership with Google, sought to understand the professional aspirations of young people around the world. Surprisingly, the most sought after profession globally was YouTuber or influencer.

This trend aligns with results from the Pew Research Center, indicating that content consumed online directly influences career aspirations.

In several South American countries, as well as in Japan, becoming a YouTuber is the dream of many young people.

In Brazil, however, the most common search was for ‘businessman’ or businessman, which reflects the country’s economic scenario in recent years.

It is interesting to note the variations in other places, such as in China, where nutritionism leads, or in Portugal, where the most sought after profession is firefighter.

While YouTube preference among U.S. teens remains solid, Remitly’s research highlights how social media also shapes career choices, revealing a significant link between online content and the career aspirations of young people around the world.

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