Prepare your wallet: refrigerators can become more expensive in Brazil; see why

A change significance is approaching for the market home appliances in Brazil, specifically with regard to refrigerators.

A new energy efficiency rule, scheduled to be implemented from 2024, could result in an increase in the prices of models sold, according to information released by the UOL portal.

The Target Program for Refrigerators and Freezers seeks to remove less efficient models from the market, which can supposedly raise prices and even eliminate products worth less than R$5,000 from the market.

The expectation is that, from 2028, available refrigerators will be up to 17% more efficient than those currently sold.

Target Program for Refrigerators and Freezers

Divided into stages, the program establishes progressive goals for energy consumption. By 2025, the goal is to reach 85.5% of standard energy consumption, increasing to 90% by 2027. Despite the increase in consumption, efficiency requirements will also grow.

The National Association of Manufacturers of Electronic Products, Eletros, estimates that these changes could result in a significant increase in prices, potentially elitizing the market. refrigerators for amounts above R$5 thousand.

Jorge Nascimento, president of Eletros, expressed concern about the possible exclusion of classes C, D and E, which currently represent only 11% of the market, compared to the previous 36%.

Program could impact the market and make models below R$5,000 more expensive – Shutterstock/Reproduction

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) issued a response contesting Eletros’ projections.

In an official note, the MME considered the association’s statements “untrue and irresponsible”, highlighting that the energy savings provided by the new guidelines could offset any initial price increase.

The MME indicated that the majority of single-door models already meet the new standards, raising the question of the real need to remove a significant number of refrigerators from the market or adapt them to comply with the new recommendations.

Furthermore, it compared data from Eletros, pointing out that a previous report from the association itself estimated a significantly lower price increase than that disclosed to the press.

The controversy between the potential costs for consumers and the environmental and economic benefits generated by energy efficiency promises to continue generating discussions until the new guidelines are implemented.

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