Nudity on Twitch? Platform updates rules and generates controversy among users

The platform Twitch made a recent update to its guidelines that is generating a lot of controversy.

This is because the new standards are related to sexual content, and many people do not understand what will be allowed from now on.

Most users interpreted that the platform will accept nudity in broadcasts, which was enough to generate a tremendous buzz in the social media. The reality, however, is not quite like that.

Twitch guidelines update generates controversy among users – Image: Reproduction

What Twitch updated, in fact, was the permission for content that contains nudity, as long as it is part of fictional representations, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures and the like.

This does not mean, therefore, that people will be able to live without clothes or live sex.

Regarding dress rules, they remain the same. Content creators are required to cover their private parts, regardless of gender.

The fact is that, from now on, the guidelines will be a little more liberal. Videos, for example, that highlight breasts, buttocks or the pelvic region will be accepted, as long as they are properly labeled by the responsible user.

Body writing on breasts and buttocks is also permitted, as well as erotic dances by people undressing.

The platform decided to pay special attention to dances. From now on, any type of popular dance, with twerking, funk and pole dancingis released without the user having to label the content.

Consequences of the decision

This greater permissiveness also generated questions about the content that will be recommended on Twitch’s main page.

For those who don’t know, the platform establishes criteria to highlight lives and videos, which are directly related to the type of content broadcast.

Streams with “drugs, intoxication or excessive tobacco use; explicit violent depictions; gambling; and/or sexual themes” will be left out of the platform’s home page. In other words, Twitch will not help promote this type of live.

The reaction of users in social media it was immediate and negative. Many criticized the fact that the platform, whether willing or not, was making space for sexual content.

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Twitch said it will evaluate feedback. It is important to mention that it has already reversed previous decisions after receiving criticism. Will this situation repeat itself?

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