Now it’s real: Chinese researchers create ‘Harry Potter’ style invisibility cloak

A group of researchers from Wuhan University in Chinaintroduced the world to InvisDefense, a real invisibility cloak that promises to revolutionize stealth defense.

Based on a structure made up of small lenses called a lenticular grid, this innovation distorts the light that passes through it, creating the illusion that the object behind it has simply disappeared.

The creation of surprising technology

Classified as a metamaterial, InvisDefense alters human visual perception, manipulating the field of vision and resulting in a form of remarkable invisibility.

This technology offers stealth defense in different weather conditions, but is particularly effective at night.

During the day, specific camouflage patterns can interfere with the visual neural network, making it less efficient. Check it out in the video below:

The scientists responsible for the discovery highlight that InvisDefense incorporates temperature control materials, making it effective in camouflaging under infrared thermal imaging.

This invisibility cloak could be a new milestone in self-defense, providing invisibility under machine vision and potentially being used to protect the privacy and personal security.

Another similar innovation is Quantum Stealth, a material that imitates paper and has the ability to hide objects or people positioned behind it.

Developed by Canadian company HyperStealth Biotechnology, Quantum Stealth is capable of not only visually concealing a target, but also blocking ultraviolet infrared, common infrared and thermal scans, offering complete camouflage.

The technology, patented by Guy Gramer, president of the company, features 13 types of material, demonstrating its versatility and usefulness in various projects.

In addition to the ability to camouflagethis material has the potential to amplify solar energy production, create holographic images and fragment lasers, enabling applications in radar systems and military operations.

Although there is no information on the price or availability of these advances, the potential applications suggest a revolution in the fields of security, energy and defense, paving the way for a future with innovative and versatile solutions in the technological area.

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