New Panasonic batteries could influence electric car prices

Panasonic, aiming to improve production efficiency and achieve greater energy density in cells, announced its plans to improve 2170 batteries, commonly used in Tesla models such as the Model 3.

For now, the company plans to open a factory in the United States, which will directly influence the production of batteries for electric cars.

This means that, directly, such a change could directly impact the value of these vehicles. Currently, Panasonic has 10% of the production of batteries for electric cars of different brands, including for Tesla.

The project, according to Panasonic’s CTO, in an interview with Bloomberg, could take place between 2024 and 2025. The company’s goal has been to meet a much greater production demand.

New Panasonic project promises to reduce the value of electric cars – Image: Geovane Leite Souza (generated via AI)/DALL-E/Reproduction

In addition to being new to consumers, this is also a decision encouraged by United States policy. Apparently, the Japanese company could be one of the battery companies that could arrive in the USA.

According to information from Watanabe, the country’s president, Joe Biden, offers subsidies to battery cell factories. This means that the Panasonic would also be part of this political offer.

Panasonic production project

CTO Shoichiro Watanabe announced Panasonic’s plans to improve 2170 batteries, with emphasis on increasing the energy density of the cells and the goal of quadrupling production by 2030.

The company plans to achieve these goals by improving the efficiency of manufacturing without the need to invest in new factories.

Meanwhile, a production facility in De Soto, Kansas, initially designated for 2170 cells, has been repurposed for larger 4680 batteries intended for Tesla’s next-generation models.

The upcoming announcement of a third factory is part of the plan to reach 2030 production targets.

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