NASA opens registrations: learn how to send your name to the moon Europa

With the continued expansion of space exploration, the NASA presents an exciting opportunity for space lovers: the chance to submit their names to one of the most intriguing places in the Solar System, Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Discover how to participate in this extraordinary mission, marking your name for a space journey towards one of the most fascinating worlds in our planetary system.

How do I send my name to Jupiter’s moon Europa?

Image: Reproduction/Message in a Bottle

NASA launched the “Message in a Bottle” campaign to send names and a poem by Ada Limón to Jupiter’s moon Europa via the Europa Clipper mission.

This initiative follows precedents, such as the inclusion of names in previous missions, such as the Perseverance rover for Mars and the Artemis I mission.

The collaboration between NASA, poet Ada Limón and the US Library of Congress aims to take a poem and names of people from around the world on a 2.8 billion kilometer journey to Europe.

To date, more than 696,400 names have been submitted, with the US leading with more than 206,900, followed by India, with 73,000, and Brazil, with just over 20,000.

The approved names will be recorded on microchips on the Europa Clipper spacecraft, but will not be made public for security reasons.

Participation in the current campaign does not automatically extend to future missions without a new registration.

The Europa Clipper mission aims to explore the moon Europa to determine its ability to support life. This involves investigating the existence of a vast ocean and the presence of water, a vital element.

Furthermore, the project aims to expand understanding of the potential for life on other habitable worlds.

The launch is scheduled for October 2024, with arrival in Jupiter’s orbit estimated for 2030.

Step by step for shipping

  1. Access this link of the campaign.
  2. Click “send your name” and then “go” (optionally, you can read the poem at this step).
  3. Fill in the fields with your data: name, surname, email, country, state and zip code.
  4. Finish by clicking “sign on”.

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