Multifunctional Brazilian robot helps in the supermarket

Who would have thought that we would arrive so quickly in the future, with robots and machines everywhere. In one of these constant evolutions, at Intel Powerhouse Brasil, a very special guest arrived to welcome us, Robios, an automated robot developed by Human Robot.

By processing a artificial intelligence (AI), this robot has stood out for mapping areas, assisting in supermarkets, animating events and even carrying not-so-heavy objects.

Robios, the most helpful anime-based robot you’ll ever meet

Human Robot creator Olivier Smadja shared that he intended to create an assistance robot for people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

However, when exploring its potential, he realized that it could be a valuable tool in different markets, especially as helpers in commercial establishments and parties.

What sets Robios apart is not only its abilities when it comes to action, but also its unique appearance.

Olivier highlights the evident importance of dealing with a robot, thus avoiding any attempt to simulate a human. However, Robios’ face is a relevant feature, initially inspired by Japanese manga and anime.

The intention is that companies that use the robot will be able to modify its face as they see fit with the desired brand palette.

Currently, approximately 55 Robios are in operation in various companies throughout Brazil. Its capabilities range from searching for products and promoting new brands to identifying the lack of items in certain spaces and alerting them to replacements.

When asked about expansion plans, Olivier reveals that Human Robot intends to expand internationally in the second half of 2024, with a likely focus on South America, considering the Chile as a possible expansion location.

Robios’ innovation promises not only to facilitate everyday tasks, but also to revolutionize human-machine interaction in various sectors.

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