Motorola announces triumphant return in 2024 with AI technology

A Motorola is one of the best-known companies when it comes to cell phones, and its devices are sold all over the world.

Thus, according to the corporation’s spokespersons, a “great return” will occur in 2024, announced in news on HD Blog, a website specializing in technology news.

After 2023 considered by many to be a period of transition, it is expected that new directions will now be taken by the company.

The head of the organization’s Chinese division, Chen Jin, talked about the matter via the social network Weibo and clarified some of the public’s doubts.

The manager stated that there will be more devices launched on the market and some will even feature artificial intelligence (AI), one of today’s biggest trends.

Will all Motorola products have AI?

One of the company’s latest launches – Image: Motorola/Reproduction

There will be some models of Motorola integrated with AI, but it has not yet been announced what they will be, much less with which technological applications the resource will be used.

Then, the businessman said that the Razr 40 foldable cell phones are a real sales success in China and around the world.

The Chinese also highlighted that the company will target other market niches, in order to launch new products and thus diversify its area of ​​activity.

However, updates and improvements for other lines of phones will not stop being offered, as in the case of the S and G, the brand’s units considered most affordable to date.

Finally, there are still not many clues about the innovations that Motorola plans for the year 2024. For example, it has not yet made available any device with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

The most anxious customers can only wait for an announcement regarding a top of the line product in the coming months!

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