Mauricio de Sousa’s son loses case against Amazon after receiving BIZARRE purchase

A decision by the judges of the 26th Chamber of Private Law of São Paulo has been stirring social media in recent days. This is because Maurício Takeda e Sousa, son of Mauricio de Sousacreator of “Turma da Mônica”, lost a case against Amazon.

The reason for the process, however, is surreal: he received a package with three pots of sand after purchasing a video card valued at R$14,500 in July last year.

The case had repercussions after Takeda shared the frustrated experience on his social networks. He published a video opening the order and discovered, however, that it was sand instead of the product.

He promptly contacted the Amazonhowever, received a link to simply delete your account.

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After a while, the e-commerce giant claimed that it was doing everything possible to resolve the problem caused by wrong order. However, it was only 19 days after the surprise delivery that the company finally sent the correct graphics card to Takeda.

Although Amazon technically corrected the error, Maurício Takeda decided to file a lawsuit against the e-commerce. In the action, he requested compensation of R$73,000. The argument he used was that the entire situation generated a mental health crisis and made him abandon a trip that was already planned.

Action was not well regarded by the judge

Despite the attempt, however, Judge Renato Siqueira de Pretto, from the 10th Civil Court of São Paulo, did not accept Takeda’s request. He dismissed the action as unfounded and highlighted that, after the complaint, Amazon resolved the problem by sending the correct product and assuming possible damage from delivery.

“Although the plaintiff initially received three pots of sand instead of the product purchased through the defendant’s website, there was no evidence of poor service,” says the judge.

The judge denied the requested compensation, claiming that the case was in the context of “mere unpleasantness, without humiliation, danger or harm to honor and dignity”. Takeda’s defense appealed, but the judgment of the appeal maintained the judge’s decision taken in the first instance.

The judges responsible for the case also claimed to understand that the 19-day deadline for delivering the correct order was reasonable.

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Takeda criticized the result on social media

Once again, Takeda used his social networks to publicize the case and criticized the decision:

“I lost the action and appeal against Amazon. Receiving a litter box pissed on, having had one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life and having to expose myself on social media so that the scam could be resolved, for justice, was nothing more than a ‘mere annoyance’”, he stated.

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