Jaime Maussan: find out who the man is who allegedly presented alien bodies in Mexico

A lifetime dedicated to unidentified flying objects and phenomena psychics: this is how we can summarize the trajectory of journalist, presenter and documentary filmmaker Jaime Maussan.

He became famous for presenting programs related to this field, in addition to being highly awarded despite being linked to several controversies that even involve alleged corpses of alien beings.

Maussan graduated in Journalism from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Unam) and the University of Miami. His career includes numerous important media outlets, such as El Sol de México, Rádio XEX and Televisa, including being a correspondent in the United States.

His interest in aliens and all the conspiracy theories raised by him opened up opportunities on different platforms.

An example is the program “60 Minutos”, in its Mexican version, which aims to provide an in-depth version of journalism and therefore broke audience records, being considered a milestone in the Mexican V.

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Maussan and the controversies involving possible aliens

During his career, Maussan was involved in some controversies as a result of his statements related to unidentified objects.

In 2015, for example, he claimed to have found the body of a mummified alien and even led an event to reveal his discovery.

Some time later, however, scientists ended up refuting the journalist, as they found that it was a human child with a deformity in the head.

In 2017, Maussan was reinforced by a paid content platform that only deals with conspiracy theories. They joined a team of researchers paid by the journalist in a study carried out on a possible mummified ET that was found in Nazcain Peru.

However, scientists also disproved the theories when they discovered that they were Peruvian mummies. The skull bones of the deceased were deformed as they had undergone intentional modifications, typical of the original people of the region.

Now, in 2023, Maussan visited the Chamber of Mexico in order to display two bodies that were also discovered in Nazca. However, he was not so well received: the scientific community was outraged by the lack of concrete evidence brought by the journalist.

Where is Maussan?

Currently, Maussan is 70 years old and remains very active in the media. The journalist participates in projects that deal with the craziest conspiracy theories and has even participated in an animation for adults on the subject, where he played himself.

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However, even receiving the UN Global Prize and being responsible for records, such as when he broadcast audio about UFOs for an incredible 11 and a half hours, Maussan is not taken seriously by scientists because he has no proof of the so-called “discoveries” he is making.